Another thing is to play both defensively, and offensively, with Ibuki. Several of her special moves are useful in both closing distance and evading her foe and/or their attacks: her Hien, for example, is capable of letting her jump over most projectiles while following up with a vaulting kick, and her Kasumi Gake can allow her to pass through opponents entirely, giving her the potential to set up confusing cross-ups (or the potential to just confuse in general). She has a giant lighter shade of purple ribbon tied around her waist that is knotted on her back. Ibuki, the ninja girl with an attitude, is here to throw her kunai and drop bombs on her foes. This one would later become the overall basis (with some modifications) for her default outfit in the next main series game. Ed tries to use his Psycho Power to stop them, and Ibuki uses a smoke bomb to distract both of them. In Street Fighter V, she uses a number of new tools, including (among many others) a sort of kite-based float which she uses for flight, bombs, and what appears to be a counter. Visually speaking after the close light punch it appears she usesAgementhen … 1 Description 2 Tactics 2.1 Street Fighter IV 2.2 Street Fighter X Tekken 3 Trivia 4 Gallery One of Ibuki's manyTarget Combos. Ibuki's story mode outfit is a white dress she wore to Karin's party. DoTackle. She is a young ninja-in-training from an ancient clan who would rather live a normal life of a modern female Japanese teenager. Makibishi V-Trigger I. Rokushaku Horokudama (Akebono) Rokushaku Horokudama (Hizakari) + … Keeping in line with the "warm" feel to this school outfit Ibuki also is masked, however unlike her default Ibuki doesn't remove it in the right context such as after a low HP round win or her win pose. Request an account by joining the SRK Wiki Discord and follow the instructions in #server-info, Players To Watch Each volume was also collected into a single book for UDON's Street Fighter Legends series. 14:17. Her school uniform consist of a light blue sleeveless shirt under a white short sleeve button shirt with a red laced ribbon at the center of her collar, light blue skirt, black panties underneath, white socks, and blue and white sneakers. How do i start an offence with her? The upperclassman holds her at kunai-point as he warns Ibuki about her carelessness and laughs at her "love and excitement" of studying Ninjutsu, much to Ibuki's disappointment. Capcom has released a new trailer for Street Fighter 5 confirming that the next character to be added to the cast is none other than returning young ninja, Ibuki. The details of Ibuki's fit bit always stay the same, including the time. This picture in the top right shows all the pieces in one of her toylines of how her school outfit is put together. After Ibuki proclaims that "ninjas get to use every dirty trick in the book" she teases cutting Viper from point blank range with her Kunai but instead proceeds to cut off Viper's ponytail, somewhat ironically mentioning how ponytails are a liability and she should cut her own before leaving for her next battle. After defeating Balrog, they give Karin a chess piece which is connected with Shadaloo's latest plan of world domination, interestingly, Karin specifically told Ibuki she can get into the escape helicopter when t arrived after being attacked buy Abel, implying Karin both cares for Ibuki and has a high degree for Ibuki's rather easily startled personality. During the events of A Shadow Falls, Ibuki and Birdie seem to be able to at least work together in a professional workplace. In Fei Long's ending in Street Fighter IV, Fei Long and Street Fighter IV"s boss, Seth, have a bit of a stare-down and exchange words with each other. The bombs can be attacked by Ibuki to move them around the screen. Visually speaking after the initiating the far LP Ibuki then uses her far MP. Like Ibuki's version Asuka's also shows it's wearer's hips (though to a less degree than Ibuki's). Ibuki launching Ling Xiaoyu into the air with her foot using Kazekiri in Street Fighter X Tekken. He wears a white bodysuit with red accents that also show in the open hip slits of the outfit. She is also the first female Capcom ninja who has such an attack. The sash also helps the colors of the Kimono with a red detail that blends in with the design and a light blue one that pops out from the rest of the outfit. It has a similar effect to the cloth mask in her default and many alternates that cover the lower part of her face. They are eventually joined by other characters such as Zangief, Rufus, Karin, and E. Honda. On her mid chest in the breast area the shirt is colored yellow. Realistically the gloves would protect Ibuki's wrists from impact when she connects when hitting her opponent and if she happened to get hit. Ibuki (いぶき, Ibuki?) Ibuki heads to the Kanzuki Estate and after brawling with Birdie, meets Karin. May 31, 2016 Update: Capcom announced today that Ibuki will release around the middle of June, alongside Street Fighter V’s Story Mode. Daha fazla videoya gözat. By Allen Marcon, CP Contributor Follow | Wednesday, June 29, 2016. and the reader would understand the difference if they wore her default compared to this outfit. Karin politely greets Ibuki and challenges her to a match. In her win quotes against Guy, Ibuki displays fondness to Guy but complains about his looks, telling that his outfit does not look like that of a ninja. The cape has cuts at the end to give the end "flaps" that move individually from the cape itself. The end of Ibuki's sleeves and collar both have a frilly design. Asuka has much longer bands than Ibuki on her arms and similar glove style. Unlike those masks Ibuki doesn't take it off at any point in battle. The overall outfit has a orange and yellow color scheme. The hair that would be in front of her eyes is cut to allow better vision. The fight ends after Karin heeds Ibuki's words and suggest that the best way to root out any possibility of luck is for them to fight an absurd number of times in a row, much to Ibuki's annoyance, ending the mini series. For Ibuki her occupation would be a track runner, thus this outfit is based on standard female track runner gear (albeit arguably a bit on the skimpy side). She uses this as her tactic move where she gives her a chance to make a combo once her bomb is briefly delayed in timing to explode or quickly exploded on her opponent. However, she is caught by one of the camp's instructors.[5]. … Following Alex in March and Guile in April, Ibuki joins the roster. Ibuki usually doesn't have electronics associated with her aside from her cell phone that appears frequently in her media and cut scenes. It can be comboed from heavy attacks (the same ways as qcb+HK). Good Rokushua Horokudama is a 3 bar V-Trigger that has Ibuki out a small bomb. One of the most notable might be Seth, who in both his appearances considers nothing of Ibuki's moveset to be useful. Unlike Guy, her style emphasizes a more traditional depiction, like that of ninjutsu found in the regions of Iga and Koga, utilizing kicks, grabs, speed, agility and accuracy for an aggressive and deadly approach. The two seem to be rivals of sorts. ” Ibuki is a playable character in Street Fighter V. She is was initially was supposed to be released in May, but she was delayed to July 1, 2016 to be released with Balrog, making her the 1st female character to be DLC. As shown in Street Fighter III era supplemental non-canon story "Case Closed" Q interfered in a retrieval job assigned to Ibuki. 1 - Type: Origin - Content Explanation SF Seminar; MORE Unlike in her previous appearances, she can throw a multiple of five kunais to her opponent rather than a single kunai as her projectile even in mid-air. I passed the trials in a couple of hours, but when it comes to playing her in a match i feel lost. She regards Guy in particular as quite a hunk, though she also complains about his non-traditional ninja garb. Ibuki summons a log which knocks the opponent away, and teleports in of them. Listen, ibuki sucks because her setups are fraudulent and her combo enders only lead to mediocre meaty setups. (1080p), Street Fighter V Ibuki Character Story Mode, Ibuki's Super Moves Evolution (1997-2020). Street Fighter 5 Ibuki Strategies Find out some early strategies on how Ibuki plays in Street Fighter 5! She appears in volume 3 of this series, preceded by Chun-Li and Sakura. Tenrai causes Ibuki to take a step back, then shoot a short ki blast in of her knocking the opponent away on hit. Eye color Interestingly Ibuki's school swimsuit is actually the more modest "skirted" kind that reveals less of the wearer's hips than the "competition" version more commonly seen.

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