It’s a nice, wide and responsive board, easy to carve for lighter riders. So dünn wie Luft, ist das Argon das kleinste Board in der Linie, proportioniert, um dem leichtesten Fahrer das volle Surferlebnis zu bieten. Free shipping 24 hours Peninsula and Portugal. As for the price, the new 2019 Tritons are 9 euros more expensive compared to the 2018 lineup. Carver Skateboards - Carver Triton Argon Surfskate 26. ESK8 or ONEWHEEL DEMOS 778-383-1199. Everything about it is pure surf, from the directional templates and iconic graphics … The main difference is also de aesthetics of the board, Carver finally has boards directed to the younger riders. Hannah (age 6) getting going on her Triton Argon. The Carver Triton Series Hydron is the smallest board in the line, proportioned to give the lightest rider the full surfskate experience. Apart from the new collaboration with Lost Surfboards, Carvers comes with 4 new Triton models: Argon, Hydron, Nitron and Xenon. CANADA FREE shipping on most orders over $99. A cheap surfskate, endorsed by Carver Skateboards. $185.99. 0 bids. To learn more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. $19.99 shipping. The new collection Triton by Carver has 4 models designed for young riders. Order yours and don´t miss out. Triton is for the younger rider looking for a smaller board to rip. Skip to navigation Skip to content. The Triton brand will be positioned as low cost surfskates. quality and durability that makes Triton the perfect introduction to surfskate for any age. Carver is made of 7 layers of American maple wood. By continuing to use this site, you agree to its use. The new Carver Argon with the C5 axis is the smallest Triton in their lineup. It's a skateboard with patented truck geometry that creates thrust and deep rail to rail carves, yielding a carve dynamic that's similar to surf. While the traditional Carver can be ordered in C7 or CX. 2-year protection plan from SquareTrade - $18.99 2-year protection plan from SquareTrade - $18.99 Opens an information Overlay. The new Triton Surfskates by Carver come with Cx4 axles, roundhouse carver wheels and at a very competitive price. The width of this board measures 9.625 that is used by riders with smaller feet. Raw material "Wood": Tritons are the cheap surfskates of the Carver brand. 2014 Powered by In our surfshop you will find the best international surf brands but also smaller quality brands. A skate that executes its function perfectly for riders of all ages. Add to Watchlist Unwatch. Your email address will not be published. The main difference between a Triton and a traditional Carver lies in the raw material and the place of manufacture. Triton Surfskate By Carver. 3. Make Waves. Deck: 29” Wide: 9 5/8” Wheelbase: 15 1/2” Axis: CX Raw, Deck: 27” Wide: 9” Wheelbase: 14 3/4” Axis: C5 Raw, Deck: 28” Wide: 9 1/4” Wheelbase: 14 3/4” Axis: CX Raw. If you have a query, we are glad to help you. In the initial state, both truck systems are equally "loose" and narrow turns are the same. CARVER C7 SINGLE SURF SKATE TRUCK WITH 2 RISERS. Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies. The Carver Triton Diamond with 29 inches is the smallest of the Triton's Surfskates, recommended for children, girls or low weight riders. CARVER C5 STREET SURF TRUCK: For years we’ve been blending surf and skate, but as surfskate progresses and riders incorporate more traditional skateboard tricks into their style, we set out to design equipment that supports this progression. A skate made to transmit the complete experience to the lower weight riders. The Xenon is fun guaranteed for all. TRITON BY CARVER SKATEBOARDS Triton is born of the sea, but rides atop the land. Without being a second-hand Carver? The Triton, on the other hand, are manufactured in Asia and do not carry the Carver brand guarantee. See more ideas about carver skateboard, skateboard, carver. With softer bushings and C5 axis that are lowered, it is a very responsive and easy to carve board. As far as the board is concerned, these are made of maple wood with 7 blades. Ending Jan 7 at 11:46AM PST 4d 12h. The Tritons are produced in China and not in the USA like the Carvers and they have a truck that is almost identical to the CX. 2019 | 29.5" Swallow Surfskate Complete Search for: Search. The Triton Argon is the smallest board in the Carver lineup, at 26″ x 8.75″ (14.4″ wheelbase). In you will find all the carver Trtion models at the best price. The new Triton Hydron 27” with C5 axis is a fish-like board. If you are looking for your first surfskate and still don't know if this surfing is your thing, a Triton is a good option to have a cheap skate. $120.00. Triton’s high performance comes from it’s precision-pivot Carver trucks, fast and grippy Roundhouse wheels and 7 ply hard rock maple Triton deck, each the result of … This may be the best option to get a cheap surfskate. This new collection of surfskates is the lowcost version of the Carver Skateboards. I say almost because in reality if we compare them there are differences, albeit minimal. A small difference especially compared to the rest of the skates from this American brand. CARVER TRUCKS: C7, CX & C5. With the new CX axis, which is elevated, this little board has a good inclination and a strong carve. Roundhouse wheels 61mm 8.5 x 27 Carver trucks Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. The Hydron is highlighted by having softer bushings, lower trucks and fish tail. For more information about children's surfskates visit our BLOG. It has a more extended wheelbase than the Triton Nitron that measures 15.5, a tall truck, and slim decks. Proportioned to enable the same power moves as full-sized surfskates, this lineup answers the need for an easy carving mini for the frothing grom. Similar operation but a little shorter. With a price of 209 euros, the truth is they are an excellent choice to start with and still doubting whether this carving over the asphalt thing is for you. A few models with roundhouse wheels of 69mm and a hardness of 78a. 1. #carver #carverskate #carverskateboards #carveruk #carverskateuk #carverskateboardsuk #surfyourskate #surfskate #tritonskateboards #tritonargon This 2019 the American brand, Carver Skateboards, comes bearing gifts. While Carver Skateboards are 100% made in the USA, Triton are manufactured in Asia. The new Triton Nitron 28” comes with CX axis. Argon, Hydron, Nitron and Xenon are surfskates for children and young skaters. Triton Surfskate By Carver skateboard cruiser . With its wider spooned nose and fuller kick tail, this model is ideal for banks and skateparks, and for those looking for that classic old-school feel. While the Triton have only 5 layers. Carver Skateboards - the original Surfskate since 1996. Los Carver Triton vienen con ejes Cx4, ruedas roundhouse y un precio muy asequible. If you´re thinking about buying a carver, but don´t know which surfskate you´ll like, the Blue Horzion is a good option. Este carver skateboard proporciona más estabilidad y mejor postura. Already available the new collection of Tritons from Carver Skateboards in Single Quiver. A surfskate made for the younger public and lightweight riders. Las acciones en los surfskates son idénticas al surf y, son muy distintas del longboard y el skateboard. Deck: 26” Wide: 8 3/4” Wheelbase: 14 3/8” Axis: C5 Raw. We have a surf outlet section, with the best discounts in surf fins, wetsuits and surfboards. This new collection of surfskates is the lowcost version of the Carver Skateboards. Carver trucks for your skateboard. They are almost 100 euros different from other surfskates of the brand. Introducing Triton by Carver - the perfect mini surfskate for the new generation. $179.99. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A carver for less than 200 euros? With a wider wheelbase and elevated axis in a narrower deck, this is the surfskate you need to get when can only have one skate in your quiver. Single Quiver is formed by a team of surf lovers. What's the difference between triton and traditional carver? Newsletter. Carver Skateboards es la marca líder en surfskates a nivel mundial. is your trusty online surf shop. The new Triton Xenon 29” with CX axis is the big small board in the new Triton line. Triton Carver - Tabla de skate de surf (29 pulgada... Ver detalles ¿Por qué comprar un surfskate Triton? Shipping: Its 27” deck is made to give the surf and skate experience to all ages. 1754 West 4th Ave., Vancouver BC Canada. Carver Triton Xenon 29” CX at 209€ The new Triton Xenon 29” with CX axis is the big small board in the new Triton line. 2. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . Add to cart . What’s the difference between the Tritons and the rest of Carvers skates. Price: 199€ Surfboards, neoprene wetsuits, surfskates, travel covers, surf leashes, surf fins and all types of surf accessories from the best brands: DHD Surfboards, Pukas, Lost, Al Merrick, Channel Islands, Shapers, FCS, YOW, Swelltech, Carver Skateboards, Smoothstar, Futures Fins, O Neill Wetsuits, Billabong, JS Industries, NSP, Far King, Mick Fanning Softboards, Softech and much more. Surf at the best price in the No 1 online surfshop. Difference between Triton Carver and Carver Pro Models. Condition is "New". What are the differences compared to the Blue Horizon, Black Star, Red Diamond and Green Glass? Carver Skateboards UK - Surf Your Skate. Si estás buscando un surfskate barato esta puede ser la mejor opción.. La diferencia de precios radica en que los otros modelos de Carver están fabricados y ensamblados 100% en Estados Unidos mientras que los Tritón están fabricados en Asia. With its 31 inches, the Triton Blue Horizon from Carver is ideal for a quick warm up before a surf session and can be used in any part of your city. Sign up for the latest news, offers and styles Something that Smoothstar already has with their Smoothstar Fish and Barracuda. For surf training both truck systems work fine! The 30.5" Triton Black Star surf skateboard with its generous spoon and kick tail nose is an ideal model for banks and skateparks and for those riders looking for a classic old-school feeling. Whoever is riding, they're not just skating the street, they're surfing the urban wave. Axles: Until this year the Triton had only the CX axle. Triton Xenon is a carver skateboard with a length of 29, which matches small riders. Only 1 left! 2020 | 30.75” Yago Skinny Goat Surfskate Complete. ¡El Triton surf skate ofrece una forma de hacer skate completamente nueva y diferente, en comparación con los longboards tradicionales! Our objective is putting the best products and surf brands at your reach. Sign up to receive latest news and updates direct to your inbox. At 32.5 inches the Green Glass is the longest Carver Triton, with a wider wheelbase for faster pumping and a more comfortable posture, perfect for the larger Riders. The main difference between a Triton and a traditional Carver lies in the raw material and the place of manufacture. cruiser skateboard complete. Surf Skate Triton by Carver Hydron 27'' 2020 - Complete 289.00 CHF 259.00 CHF Reduced price! Ein kürzeres Surfskate ideal für die Kids. $19.99 shipping. The substantial difference in prices is basically due to labor, material and place of manufacture. It comes with Carver’s lower C5 trucks, softer bushings (adequate for lighter riders) and smaller 61mm wheels. All Rights Reserved. Out of stock From its bright boardshort-inspired graphics to its die-cut deck grip, everything is pure surf. The surf truck systems of carver skateboards are designed in particular for surf skateboarding.We have been testing a wide range of truck systems, in terms of quality and surf feeling we are excited by the carver surfskate trucks. From its bright boardshort-inspired graphics to its die-cut deck grip, everything is pure surf. While Carver Skateboards are 100% made in the USA, Triton are manufactured in Asia. It carves with the same power, speed and flow of the fabled finned watercraft that inspired it. Triton is, as we know, a surfskate line always produced by Carver but a little lower cost to cope with the fierce competition. Featuring the inspirational Sky Brown, who shows us her perfect blend of surf and skate style. We leave our chat open for any doubts you have. Raw material "Wood": Tritons are the cheap surfskates of the Carver brand. Aug 9, 2015 - Explore Elin Shropshire's board "carver skateboard" on Pinterest. 2019 | Lost x Carver 29" Psycho Killer Surfskate Complete. 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