Rosy-red flower clusters are offered in summer. Taking the best from D. odora D. bhoula Perfume princess is blessed with large flowers, it was bred in New Zealand by Mark Dury. Released in 2016, Daphne Perfume Princess is a cross between Daphne odora and Daphne bholua, bred here in NZ by Mark Jury. Ideal spot: Perfume Princess likes a frost-free spot with good drainage. Winter Daphne, scientifically known as Daphne odora, and Summer Daphne, Daphne transatlantica, are superstar flowering shrubs.The fragrant flowers of both fill the garden with intoxicating perfume. 9cm pot in stock (shipped within 5-7 working days) 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 4 5 9 ADD add to wishlist Daphne odora 'Sweet Amethyst' £24.99. Daphne 'Perfume Princess' Winter Daphne. Botanical Name: Daphne 'Perfume Princess' Pink Princess Escallonia – This evergreen shrub has a rounded habit and glossy green foliage. A spreading, evergreen shrub with dark green, leathery leaves. Daphne ‘Perfume Princess’ is een bossige plant met dieproze knoppen en wasachtige roze tot witte bloemen. Hardy Daphne 'Perfume Princess' shrub 2L pot This fantastic new Daphne originated from a private breeder in New Zealand and has won a 'Plant of the Year' award in Australia but is perfectly suited for British gardens too! Perfume Princess is happiest in slightly acidic soil but will tolerate most soils. Both pink and white flowering varieties are available, and this is regarded as the best winter flowering shrub of all. Perfume Princess has large, very long-lasting and super-fragrant blooms - the blooms are the largest of any Daphne - giving you much more value for money. All of our stores in New Zealand are open and continue to have a comprehensive range of measures in place to keep team members and customers safe. De geur is zoet met een frisse ondertoon. Daphne Odora. Evergreen - elliptic to lance-shaped, leathery, dark green leaves to 10cm (4in) longWhite - tinged pink at centre Images: Auckland Botanic Gardens. Het blad is glanzend en leerachtig. Large flowers, great perfume and easy care, Daphne ‘Perfume Princess’ is a new release hybrid, better suited to sunny positions than most other varieties. Daphne ‘Perfume Princess’ grows in sun or shade and is a winner, even in warmer climates. The plant is a nice little shrubby thing growing only to 12”x12”. The Plant Store Offers A Variety Of Shrubs, Trees, Climbers & Other Plants On A Discounted Rate. Daphne Perfume Princess™ is a unique and enchanting daphne that should be on everyone’s list of ‘must have’ daphnes. Find 180mm Daphne 'Perfume Princess' - Daphne odora Bholua at Bunnings Warehouse. Fragrant, purple/mauve flower clusters bloom from spring thru fall once the plant is established. Clusters of small magenta blooms with small throats in January to February. Botanical name: Daphne odora x bholua. Unlike many other daphne varieties, Perfume Princess is happy in full sun or part-shade. Daphne 'Perfume Princess' Delivered as an established plant growing in a 9cm pot. Dubbed by some as the ‘world’s most fragrant shrub’, this variety was developed over a period of 10 years and was nearly forgotten about by its New Zealand breeder – until it was discovered again through its incredible scent! Apr 29, 2015 - Oderings grows a huge range of shrubs ensuring you are buying the best quality plants. Daphne odora does make an excellent plant near a pathway or an entrance where the perfume can be appreciated. Daphne 'Perfume Princess' (PBR) £19.99. Daphne Perfume Princess™ As I mentioned earlier, Daphne is a gardener’s favourite for adding scent to a garden! Daphne Perfume Princess Daphne Perfume Princess™ is a unique and enchanting Daphne that should be on everyone’s list of ‘must have’ Daphne’s. Afterpay & Laybuy are accepted and Enjoy Free Shipping for orders over $50 in New Zealand. Its rosy/pink buds open to reveal splendid, waxy, white to pink to purple flowers that have a wonderful fragrance. This hardy evergreen shrub has increased in popularity in recent years, providing year round interest as a specimen plant in borders and … Daphne ‘Perfume Princess’ • prefers partial shade • long flowering period ... Visit Email Phone 09 267 1457 ext. Daphne Perfume Princess™ has Large blooms - up to 4x the size of traditional daphne blooms; Intense perfume with citrus undertones, Masses of large flowers open blush pink and fade to white, Highly perfumed - with soft citrus undertones, Long flowering season Intense clusters of blooms that can also bloom down the stems Daphne Perfume Princess is a brand new variety that is taking the gardening world by storm, and will quite possibly over take all other Daphne varieties as the most fragrant on the planet. Deer resistant. The winter flowering daphne is Daphne odora, a fragrant low growing plant and the most popular of all Daphnes. Slow growing, rounded form. Plan ahead - Research online & make a list Shop Smart - Download our product finder app to minimise time spent in store. 9cm pot £19.99. daphne plants Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. in stock (shipped within 5-7 working days) Quantity 1 Plus Minus. DAPHNE PERFUME PRINCESS 100mm Pot. Potential height: 1.2 metres width: 1 metre. Welcome to our world… …of wonderful, award-winning plants.They’re exciting, different and colourful. The flowers are four times as big as the Daphne odora species and have a delicious perfume. It’s the earliest and longest flowering of all Daphne’s, with one of the sweetest fragrances that is enhanced with its soft citrus undertones. Evergreen shrub. 1 Published 08/07/19. Please understand that anyone can grow Daphne Perfume Princess because she quickly leaps up and grows into an awe-inspiring success of a plant without any garden skill necessary. 4 5 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star (9 reviews) Write review. The most common fragrant species is Daphne Odora and its many cultivars, all readily available for sale online. The flowers appear in clusters along the entirety of all stems - they are also colour changing, starting mid-pink and fading to white. The leaves are lovely and big, and they don’t turn yellow like so many Daphne's do. ADD add to wishlist. It’s the earliest and longest flowering of all daphnes, with one of the sweetest fragrances, and is prized for its profusion of large blush pink (softly fading to white) sweet perfumed clusters of florets with soft citrus undertones. Clusters of For other varieties try: … Matures at 2’ tall x … Daphne ‘Lawrence Crocker’ (D. arbuscula x D. collina) This little Daphne just gives and gives. Arguably the best Daphne yet, it¿s both earlier and longer flowering than other varieties but it¿s really the blossom itself that makes this Daphne so special. Daphne 'Perfume Princess' from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: large clusters of very fragrant white flowers with a hint of pink at the centre. Although slow growing, Daphne ‘Perfume Princess’ is well worth the wait, forming a medium sized shrub with an attractive rounded habit. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Be aware that not all daphne are fragrant, and not all daphne are evergreen . Glossy green leaves. Of course you do have to decide where to plant her – pretty much anywhere is ok – and you do need to dig the hole. Ironically, it is a daphne, a one-off plant from a speculative breeding effort, that may prove to be the most lucrative cultivar internationally. Verlangt een beschutte plek tegen de volle zon en tegen de koude winterwind en is matig winterhard. Intense orange blossom like fragrances. Check Out Weekly Specials & Shop Online Today! NZ commenters were equally amused and it is true that our most prominent, international figure, the young(ish) woman who has spearheaded the sustained efforts to keep her people safe this year, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says “twinty twinty”. Very easy to grow, Daphne are wonderful evergreen bushes to add sensory appeal around shady patio gardens, decks, porches and other outdoor living spaces. Garden centres, Kings Plant Barn, Bunnings and Mitre 10 will most likely have Daphne odora and Daphne 'Perfume Princess'. Find your perfect fragrance from our great selection of top selling Designer and Celebrity Fragrances for Women at discounted prices. This fantastic new Daphne originated from a breeder in New Zealand and has just won the 'Plant of the Year' award in Australia but is perfectly suited to British gardens too! Daphne Perfume Princess is a unique and enchanting Daphne that should be on everyone’s list of ‘must have’ Daphnes. Moderate water needs in well-drained soil once established. Daphne 'Perfume Princess' (PBR) daphne. A favourite for its heavenly perfume, but also one of the great heartbreaker Daphne Perfume Princess ® (Daphne odora) was awarded the prestigious honour of Plant of the Year at the 2016 Australian Nursery and Garden Industry Association’s National Conference, held in Adelaide, South Australia. ‘Perfume Princess’ basically looks like an odora although it often flowers down the stem like bholua. The only radio station I listen to, Radio New Zealand, favours “twenny twenny”. Leaves are evergreen and narrow, about 1-2” long. It was awarded Plant of the Year at the 2016 Australian Nursery and Garden Industry Association’s National Conference.