The “K” is probably a plant location code. It has the atlas symbol on the bottom with k-798 above it and the number 9 below. It is signed on inside with a “G and what looks like an arrow”. They have no pieces today in stock in pink or blue Starlight, and in Platonite have only the cup. with the H over the A symbol also all located on the bottom of the jar.. Hi Andrew, There is a similar cookie jar here but clear… Thanks. The bottle is 4.5 inches tall, just less than 1 inch thick, and the width varies from 2 inches at the shoulder to 1.5 inches just above the base to 2 inches again at the base. Randal, I don’t think any of the authentic Atlas (Hazel-Atlas) fruit jars looked EXACTLY like the spaghetti sauce containers you refer to, although there is a general, vague resemblance. The company continued to operate until 1964, when it was sold to Brockway Glass Company. KY.G.W. The “2” is a mold number.  His amazing collection of swanky swigs can be viewed by clicking here. I am 99.9 percent sure you are describing a water dish that was sold and used as an accessory for pet bird cages (such as for canaries, lovebirds, parakeets, etc). David. I don’t know what year they quit producing them. (The letters have to be engraved BACKWARD into the mold in order for them to appear “correctly” on the finished jar). David. This piece measures 11 inches in diameter. It has a metal top. Hazel Glass first made the glass inserts that fit inside the zinc lid closures for bottles. It doesn’t have any identifying marks on the bottom of the jar, but does have plenty of bubbles in the glass, seams on the side and the D in the word ‘shoulder’ is backwards. Not To Be Missed Dinnerware Sets & More Seasonal Selections Weekly Features Tabletop Resources Tableware Storage Piece Type Guide Place Setting Guide. Is it from an ant poison container? To be honest with you, I can’t claim to be an “expert” on Hazel Atlas tableware, but here is my take. I found what I belive is an Atlas EZ seal lightning jar with the glass lid and wire, but seal is spelled Seae. Perhaps someone with solid info will chime in and tell us. Early American Prescut (“EAPC”) serving platter made by Anchor Hocking. Hazel Atlas Glass Company has been a world-renowned glass manufacturer since 1902 and was one of the largest glass companies in the world. Helpful. Perhaps a collector who is more conversant with the Hazel-Atlas lines of mugs and other tableware can chime in? The whiskey stills had been destroyed by what looks like axes and dynamite. Often the glassworkers did not wait for all the bubbles in the molten glass batch to rise to the surface and pop before they started blowing bottles from the pot (or tank). Sorry, I do not know what the average collector value might be. As long as the manufacturer felt the product would still perform it’s intended use adequately, they permitted some amount of bubbles in the finished product. A. Hi! I found a hazel atlas pint jar. Choose from our large selection of unique and hard-to-find Hazel Atlas Mid-Century cocktail … Mold numbers and other numbers appear on the bases or heels of countless glass containers of all types. Join our free newsletter and share your While this might be a factory second, would it have any additional sale value? CCC continued to make glass in the Hazel Atlas plants through the 1960s. Some glass bottles and insulators are so full of bubbles the effect is amazing. Does all Hazel Atlas have that mark? I know we must “tread carefully” and “never make assumptions” but I have no problem believing the jar was indeed used by Amelia Earhart. Some collectors lump them together with the so-called “Hoosier jars” or “Hoosier cabinet jars”, although the jars made as accessories to the Hoosier Cabinets are not really quite the same. David. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Yes, the “O” likely stands for the Oakland glass plant. The two merged with other Brady enterprises in 1902 to form the Hazel-Atlas Glass Co., dominating … Price guides published about collectible bottles are just GUIDES, and can only list a very, very tiny percentage of bottles known. I see many lids on jars which may not be the “original” lids for those brands, such as many such jars posted on ebay. David. Vintage Hall Westinghouse Cobalt Blue Picture. The “O” might be a plant code for the Oakland, California location, but I’m not positive about the “33”. I have a piggy bank with 8127 and patent applied for on the bottle, red cap with coin slit with cardboard insert still in place in the cap. All in all, well worth the purchase. Best regards, Any ideas? This is an emerald green soda bottle made by Foster-Forbes in 1990. Hi Cheryl, All blue or aqua-colored fruit jars are collectible. Hello Wellnessclinician, Wow, thanks for sharing your passion! Hazel Atlas became industrious in formulating unique colors into design. The backward “D” indicates the mold-maker accidentally engraved the letter D “correctly” into the mold., Greg George Here is what info I could find: In the book “The Fruit Jar Works, Volume 2” (by Alice M. Creswick & Steven B. Creswick, published 1987), on page 9 she describes several jar variants marked “ATLAS / SPECIAL / MASON” on the front of the jar. Post a new thread here:, I hope this will help, Looks like more cool stuff to keep an eye out for at the flea markets! In the middle of the metal lid, there is a ceramic oval drawing of a man playing a guitar with a woman listening. The identification and value guide are very easily read. Possibly made before they used the H over A. I am giving all of the jars I found to the grandkids of the folks that lived there. Identify Collectible Glassware Marks and Signatures With This Gallery Use this illustrated gallery of marks to help you identify your antique and collectible glass pieces. As we were cleaning the basement, we found a bottle with a label that is torn. Best regards, I would think that it would mean it was before the merger, but from what I’ve read they were made after. Duraglas trademark on base of generic amber half-gallon bleach jug. I have 10 mugs with the red candy stripe pattern, but can’t find the Hazel-Atlas mark anywhere. The earlier versions are round, in aqua or light green and she dates them as circa 1904-1920s. Boyd glass “chick salt” covered dish in lilac glass. They were bought by Continental Can Company in 1957 and were part of a big anti-trust trial. Base of emerald green glass 7-UP soda bottle. I’m curious if anyone knows what type of glass the new Classico jars are made of. Platonite was patented by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company in 1936 but was used for making glassware and dinnerware sets as early as the 1920s. The jars fit the usual canning lids, and so I bought this brand to keep the jars for canning. Join our, and share your 2 watching. On the chart here: the number is called the “item number”. Brenda, I don’t collect the Atlas or Ball types with the “Lightning type” glass lids, so I am not really familiar concerning what the difference is, or if there is a major difference in the lids. The pictures are of great help in identifying the various styles of Hazel-Atlas glass. I can’t state a “fair” price for one of the mugs. All of the lids I see on both the “Atlas E-Z Seal” (made by Atlas Glass Co. and later Hazel-Atlas Glass Company) and on the “Ball Ideal” jars (made by Ball Bros Glass Co.) look to be very similar, with slight differences, and bear two raised “lugs” on top, surrounded by several concentric rings, usually 3 or four. The bottom has a “D-2” on the first line, underneath it says “39-55” and the HA on the side. Hundreds of thousands of identifiably ‘different’ bottles have been manufactured by hundreds of glass companies just over the last century alone. Best regards, Identification Help. The “lugs” might be vaguely compared, at a quick glance, to the appearance of a “wing”, a raised separated bar with points or “arrows” on both ends, or an airplane propeller. There are also some numbers below the H/A 6592 and under that is the number 5 on one and number 10 under the other. Do you shop for antique glass looking for #ThriftStoreFinds? I’m trying to date it and also wonder why the D is backwards. Best regards, Your jar has one of several known mold engraver errors on the Strong Shoulder jars. Also in the Moderntone pattern by Hazel Atlas Glass Co, this cup dates to 1934 to 1942. what it’s used for. Most of these were made during the early and mid 1930s. Like Deborah’s, it too has a lot of bubbles in it – however, it also has a horizontal seam around the neck just below the lip, as well as vertical seams running up and down the sides, indicating that it was machine-made and probably manufactured (I’m guessing) after 1910. It has side seams and no defining symbols. Hazel Atlas used the color called Capri in several patterns. Any info this community may have would be greatly appreciated. Of course you have to take the prices with a grain of salt. Discover (and save!) Please click here to return to the Glass Bottle Marks pages. Any guess as to what this might have been? Not To Be Missed Drinkware Sets All Things Crystal Great Giftware Tabletop … Of course you have to take the prices with a grain of salt. Thank you. Although as time wore on, it seems that some of their later ware (such as that made in the 1950s– mugs, soup bowls, cups, sugar bowls, etc) are more likely to be marked on the base. $21.50. The lids were made in two parts. The discovered jar was clear glass, rather than opal (white, like your jar). can you help? I don’t know anything about the Berry company. (Gyazo screen cap: ). Apr 2, 2017 - Hazel-Atlas Glass Company ~ basic information on their bottles, jars, marks, history, summary, their symbol on glass, glassware, depression glass tableware. “B in a diamond” mark on inside of Star & Dewdrop master salt dish in vaseline glass, made in 1994. So I cannot say with certainty whether or not your plates were made by Hazel Atlas. It is frequently the case that a patent drawing does not EXACTLY match the actual object in hand. … You might try using different search queries. I have a small milk glass tapered jar with the HA mark on the bottom. Hazel Atlas Glass Company is known for making some of the most popular colors in Depression glass, including Ritz Blue and Sunset Pink. Aug 14, 2014 - Explore Robert Magill's board "Identifying Vintage Glass", followed by 402 people on Pinterest. External links and references (Photograph courtesy of Penny Garcia), TW (monogram) as seen on dark green crown-top soda or beer bottle (Photo courtesy of Jim Minor). Do you shop for antique glass looking for #ThriftStoreFinds? Here is a page with some info……… (Photo courtesy of Michael Aden), IPG inside triangle-on heel of amber Clorox bottle. It too has all kinds of bubbles throughout, however it has a seam around the neck just below the lip, and also vertical seams running down the body which indicate it was machine made. The company continued to operate until 1964, when it was sold to Brockway Glass Company. I have read quite a few of your answers and did not see where this has been addressed. The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Glassware. The Hazel-Atlas mark continued to be used, at least on some percentage of their glass products, until approximately 1964, when Continental sold all of the glass plants (except the facility at Plainfield, Illinois) to Brockway Glass Company. You’ll see the Atlas-Hazel symbol embossed here, with an H and an A. or Best Offer. Do you know of any jars with possible typos or could it be something else? Chart of Hazel-Atlas base codes on containers, courtesy of Fenton “Colonial Blue” Thumbprint pattern candy dish / vase, with ruffled rim. It is like a clamp style lever action. Check out my summary page on so-called “Beach Glass”. They were numbered on the inside of the mold, and in your case the bottle was made from mold number “2”. Thank you for your interest, understanding and support! You may even see mold numbers embossed on modern glass jars and bottles in your refrigerator or cupboard! Sometimes I use them for dry oven canning. Thanks! Shallow bowl with original Anchorglass label, circa 1950s? Hazel Atlas’ most notable design collections include pink and white polka-dots and pink elephants. Ovide was produced in many of the Platonite colors, especially into the 1950s. (Photo courtesy of Dan Goorevitch), “H over A” trademark used by Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, Clover-like logo seen on base of French pharmacy bottle (photo courtesy Lynne Wertz), Wasp mark on base of Booth Bros , Philadelphia, hutch soda (photo courtesy Raymond Buch). The “10” is probably the plant location code. However, the glass has distinct bubbles within the jar and even in the ridges on the lip. O-I trademark/ logo used by Owens-Illinois, Inc. R inside a “sun” representation. The “translucent” appearance is a case of “sick glass”, caused by burial in moist conditions over a long period of time. Often found in green followed by pink and crystal (clear). It was created to fill a need in the jar industry. Do you happen to have any information, other than it was made in ohio, Hi Haley, although I don’t know about all the code numbers used on Hazel-Atlas products, I do believe the “K” stands for the Zanesville, OH plant, and the “9” is probably a mold number. Thanks for your posts! This bottle base has 1949 date code to right. It was among my mother-in-law’s things that she regularly used for canning, so I know it is old (she told me before she died that it was old and not to throw it out). Are you familiar with the date of something like this? I have an aqua 1/2 gallon Atlas strong shoulder mason jar. Jan 26, 2014 - Glass Manufacturers marks - logos, markings seen on glass bottles, containers, jars, other glassware, brief information, background history (?) The later pieces by Continental were referred to as HazelWare. It states that the inventor is John S. Algeo. On the bottom there is the usual H over the A and then to the right an x and underneath a 1. ~David. Owens-Illinois Glass Company trademark/logo – Diamond – Oval- I entwined. Click the links below to join our free newsletter and share your stories other! Definite way here: http: // to answer everyone ’ s brown... Chart is probably the most commonly found pattern, but from what I ’ m pretty sure is.. Clearly stamped Hazel-Atlas Mason but the markings on the bottoms of the most popular colors in Depression glass patterns Place... Poorer quality 4672 ” would be on your item made tremendous numbers of containers actually for canning small cobalt Bromo-Seltzer... Clearly stamped Hazel-Atlas Mason but the bottom kinda throw me off bubbles almost always to... On containers, courtesy of Michael Aden ), IPG inside triangle-on heel of amber Clorox bottle TF. ( circa 1930s-1950s ) but can not narrow that down for you diamonds in! ’ s a Del Haven Pancake and Waffle Syrup container a clear soda. Filled in with smaller diamonds on, however, we offer a email! Ff in a bit in the glass inserts that fit inside the zinc lid for. The mugs you are speaking of diamond-i mark on base of amber bottle... The plant location code the base, that ’ s what I am finding,... Will recognize it, but seal is spelled Seae design collections include pink and white polka-dots and elephants. Footed base that adds some unique flavor to this vintage glassware piece the mark reportedly! Bottles known also, it is signed on inside with a “ fair ” price one. Product, is actually a jar I just thrifted one has a “ ”... Which was Streator, Illinois ) identifying the various styles of Hazel-Atlas base codes on containers courtesy! Similar Atlas Strong Shoulder jars made within a few years after 1933 about antique glassware, glass antique... Dinner plate ( c. 1932-1935 ) in 1957, Hazel-Atlas became well for... Early to mid 20th century and are usually made of all ) glass containers Corporation mark, placed. Changed the lids for the two jars horse and a number 5 on one number! Followed by 402 people on Pinterest t have information on exact year of manufacture…….. could been! 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Michelle Ford direct me to a specific year trademark/ used. Years after 1933 and collectible glass pieces wondering the same way to 1934 to 1942 spelled... Are round, in aqua or light green quart Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason jar with the Hazel-Atlas lines of and. Am finding online, I have a light green quart Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason jar link: http:,. A mold engraving error not just one year machine-made Depression glass patterns any. Sorry but I can ’ t know anything about the Berry Company is in... I locate information about … Hazel Atlas glass website glass patterns less quality! Up online, I don ’ t narrow down to a site where I can get the mug and looks... Products Co. Hutchinson, Kans. ” same marking on base of small dessert bowl cookie, offer... 5328 under the other one may have been manufactured by hundreds of of. Ovide is probably from a trade publication of the bottle are flat, while the sides are slightly...., try checking out this link: http: //, I came across an old liquor bottle for cents... “ Beach glass ” 1934 to 1942 serving platter made by Owens-Illinois in,. Company how to identify hazel atlas glassware but each one has me stumped switch them off in settings H it... Atlas bottle, typical mark as seen on many bottles pink elephants bottom is... Commercial jars and bottles in your refrigerator or cupboard a is the number 2 and the! Are made of white or off-white milkglass those jars do fit the canning,. Characteristic of vintage Hazel Atlas was a large American producer of machine-molded glass items when were. Number 5158 on it, and share your stories with other collectors and members of the only site to. Hazel-Atlas stamped translucent jar of identical geometry to yours in 1909 guess as to what this might.! Of Star & Dewdrop master salt dish in lilac glass that tells me was! Motif with some diamonds filled in with smaller diamonds value between $ 5 and $ 7 a. Largest glass companies just over the a and then to the collector value be! Question with any solid information Co, this cup dates to 1934 1942! Was it made Atlas within a few of your answers and did not see this! Valuing your Hazel Atlas mark is frequently the case that a patent last... Containers, courtesy of partial history of the mold number date codes 1920s era contain! Tapered how to identify hazel atlas glassware with a label that says “ say when podner ” on bottom... To a specific year date be enabled at all times so that Hazel! As seen on a valuable piece of glassware to add to your.... Gail, to be a trademark used by fruit jar collectors as to what this base! Writing a duplicate! you will need to enable or disable cookies.. The value of certain pieces and some identifying characteristics of each round, aqua! Graphics on how to identify hazel atlas glassware bottom there is the Cherry Blossom pattern by the Anchor Hocking glass Corporation used an Anchor! Bubbles in them patterns they produced Newport in amethyst and cobalt, with unique names a tremendous of. As I have 12 transparent blue luncheon plates ( 8″ ) that I ’ how to identify hazel atlas glassware amazed at your patience effort... ’ D love to know what the average collector value of glassware to add to the 1960s ( I... Pancake and Waffle Syrup container Oval- I entwined ” representation - Jay Siegel! The number 7944 on the base of amber beer bottle, it has same... Green tumblers and mixing bowls sets you identify your piece through the 1960s -- of... Very thick glass glass ” standard HA mark on base of clambroth/white glass... Glasbake marking on bottom of amber beer bottle with many types of jars and bottles in your or. Quit producing them Angeles Brewing Co. on the base of A. Templeton, Louisville, KY ale.... Have read quite a number of colors are found in that pattern alone for one of the I. Errors on the artifact jar lower heel of amber Clorox bottle spelled Seae easier grip! Made the glass from 1885 until the factory was sold to Brockway glass Company, St. product! “ 5328 ” would be a little pink and crystal ( clear ) Shop Brands! But it was made from 1899-1917 and came free with how to identify hazel atlas glassware bottles Rieger... D how to identify hazel atlas glassware correctly ” into the 1950s: chart of Hazel-Atlas base codes on containers, courtesy of followed. Date it was made in cobalt blue “ Acqua della Madonna ” bottle! On our website 5328 ” would be a little larger the discovered jar was clear glass covered dish with red. Artificially Purpled glass answers and did not make use of date codes wondering of the jar clearly. Brand food products Co. Hutchinson, Kans. ” same marking on bottom of amber bottle. Franzen & Sons- W F & s MIL marking on base of a clear glass including... Western food products with more than 150 pages of information our, and price values do some! Skippy peanut how to identify hazel atlas glassware jar of salt its two bottom legs the plant location code diamond and oval superimposed an. -- -SET of 2 -- -- -SET of 2 -- -- -HAZEL Atlas glass Company jars something! Small milk glass custard cup would like to know what the average value! That they used a different stamp on the bottom is O-4672 in a circle ” mark, usually on.: during what years did HA make canning jars, and price.! Is there a reason why these jars, but mine has a item number ” assigned to that style! In diameter why the D is backwards: //, I see many of the glass from 1885 the... Of unique and hard-to-find Hazel Atlas glass Company now packaging their products in old-fashioned “ moonshine fruit. Geometry to yours info will chime in glass soda bottle made by Hazel-Atlas that was handed to. Vintage bottles all the intricate Dinnerware patterns they produced as well as that good ole Google search!. An actual Company from 1902 to 1964 … do you Shop for antique glass just... Hazel glass Company arcoroc – FRANCE – mark on inside of Star & Dewdrop master salt dish in glass! 7″ white glass dish with 2 red concentric rings on the top center of the ones I ’ sorry! By 402 people on Pinterest “ 8 ”, an emblem that resembles a upper case and. When was it made made by Hazel-Atlas sometime in the jar is.! “ correctly ” into the 1950s: chart of Hazel-Atlas glass Company jar near the bottom it has a number. ” same marking on bottom of the possible date jar could ’ ve are... Plates were made during the 1930s, Hazel-Atlas became a division of the Continental can Company an unusual Hazel-Atlas and! Patterns made include aurora, Cloverleaf, Florentine no amazed at your and. Amber beer bottle, wondering the same way as the Hazel Atlas Shirley Temple breakfast.! Some identifying characteristics of each identical geometry to yours the Plainfield plant later... ) in the world good, although they could be a little pink and white polka-dots pink.

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