Directed by Paul Watson. One Day my Grandpa died, He came into my dream that night, I started crying and said him why are you leaving me, Please don't leave me and then he said me in tears I have to go and my dream got over just at the right time when he said that to me. As you practice the RAIN of Self-Compassion, experiment and see which intentional gesture of kindness most helps to soften or open your heart. Rain in My Heart followed the arrhythmia of life - which, after all, is what documentary, as opposed to, say, art, is supposed to do. Two of the participants in Paul Watson's Rain in My Heart died … I remember bits of it, presumably from when it came out in 2006. In an age of formatted reality with, as Barraclough put it, "guaranteed dynamics and resolutions", these are not the denouements you could promise or manipulate. ... Vanda now says she is drinking less but needs a Zimmer frame to walk. Two died … What a moving & powerful piece of documentary TV this was....certainly put me off drinking for a while ! Documentary on four alcoholics living in Kent, England. Rain In My Heart - Vanda. Animum Noctis from On the Lake, Monticello, Georgia. In 2006, filmmaker Paul Watson made an award-winning documentary about alcoholism. Newcomers to Recovery - Can't stop thinking about Rain in My Heart Documentary - I watched this yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it. and died beloved by all. 6 thoughts on “ ‘Rain in My Heart’ Drinkers documentary ” moretomethanthis says: 02/06/2014 at 21:59. For Boozenight, we revisit Vanda's story. It completely terrified me and it was heartbreaking. Jump to Media Player. A BBC2 documentary last night tracked the gruesome fate of four extreme alcoholics seeking treatment in the Medway Hospital. My father was an alcoholic, recovering when I was aged 4-16, drinking a bottle of spirits a day when I was 16-19, then recovering until he died 2 years later. One died early in the filming, the fourth on camera. ... Paul Watson has a lot to answer for (The Family probably started the reality trend) but Rain in my Heart … Rain In My Heart is a documentary that is observing four alcohol abusers – Vanda, aged 43; Mark, 29; Nigel, 49 and Toni, 26 – from the impoverished Medway towns of north Kent. He was an adorable man with a highly respected profession, but just like they said on the programme he was haunted by demons. RECOMMENDED. Rain in my Heart Documentary which follows four alcohol abusers - Vanda, aged 43; Mark, 29; Nigel, 49 and Toni, 26 - from the impoverished Medway towns of north Kent. Many people find healing by gently placing a hand on the heart or cheek; others, in a whispered message of care, or by envisioning being bathed in warm, radiant light. – Loving memories of one so dear – Treasured still with a love sincere. Newsnight. This was almost the same film as Paul Watson’s landmark 2006 documentary Rain in My Heart, a devastating portrait of alcoholics drinking themselves into oblivion. – A part of my heart he took with him but his love he left me to keep – So we will never really be parted the bond between us is … This is gut-wrenching to watch, very disturbing and upsetting. on October 09, 2018: Beautiful! In our hearts she is living yet – We loved her too dearly to ever forget. That is a very emotional documentary that began in the hospital with 4 characters and ended in each of their homes- some of them were drunk, the rest are dead. The look on the young woman's face during her interviews...her talking about the death of her son...for her to die a few days The latest edition of BBC Two's Newsnight with its daily analysis of news and current affairs.

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