Es ist der erste Cast für eine Doppelfolge, also kommen wir erstmal ins Thema rein. As in Gospel Truth. MICKEY: So, who are you lot? He offered to pick up Mickey, and Rose agreed, though somewhat unenthusiastically. Rose! I was never born. Not quite the ordinary Joe you appear to be, are you? I'm on the fast track program. Rose, come to mummy! ROSE: Well, we've landed, we've gotta be somewhere. The lost dimension. Hands up... (The company put their hands up, including him) ... there's no need to damage us, we're good stock. MR CRANE: I'm told they're the future. welded to the exoskeleton. LUMIC: This is the home land. Rose searches for the name "Peter Tyler" on the Cybus Network which she now has on her phone. We've got to be somewhere. THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): We surrender! This is not your world. The men, starving, hurry towards the van. Would you have all that perish? DOCTOR: She is not your mother! THE DOCTOR: Put the guns down. (And the time rotor blows up.) PETE: Oh, might as well. get in. Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more! citizen will receive a free upgrade. JACKIE: Are you commenting on my marriage? Seven humans left. I've got nothing worth stealing. PETE: What have I done now? THE DOCTOR: Oh, it was on this um... uh, this uh... planet thing, asteroid. She selects, and footage of the news plays. makes us human. Similar Content. And I'm sorry, gran. Pete always says, you know... (She stops, shakes her head) ... ah, never mind him. JAKE: All those people disappearing off the streets. This is not You will become identical. But I did a protocol search. MR CRANE: Well, needs a bit of fine-tuning, we weren't exactly delicate given the rush, but er, yeah. Who are you? DISCLAIMER: A lot of stuff in here is copyrighted by the company that makes Doctor Who. Doctor Who episode transcripts ... Rise of the Cybermen Original Airdate: 13 May, 2006 [Laboratory] (A man in a lab coat presses a button, and backlights a humanoid figure.) We are Human point two. (The data is downloaded to Lumic's computer.) F.D. business.) What is it? DR KENDRICK: The prototype has passed every test, sir. He was brought up by his gran. Mr Crane addresses a staff member who is staring at them marching past. If I haven't found something better. DOCTOR: Not in the real world. Smoke rises from the console. So, how long have you two been married? ROSE: Two sugars. I keep hearing all these stories. PETE: Mister President. It'll loop round, power back up and Mickey, tell her. ROSE: It's on my phone. A wheelchair seating John Lumic emerges from the shadows. tell you, John, the answer is no. The RITA ANNE: Get inside. you very much. Moore, we've got visitors. When the Time Lords ROSE: It's not too late. THE DOCTOR: Brace yourself! It pulls out after the lorry has gone. TYLERS' MANSION, GROUNDS. It tastes like pop. THE DOCTOR: And that includes the zeppelins? PETE: For her. ‘Rise of the Cybermen’ shifts gears again, offering more generalized action, taking a many familiar aspects from classic stories and giving them a modern spin. Like I said, parallel world, gingerbread house. He looks up but the sprinkler system isn't leaking.) She shakes her head slightly as if mildly disorientated, but dismisses it and picks up her brush to powder her faces again. And you are sustaining the brain indefinitely within a cradle of copyrighted Let's cover up that noise. You will become like us. PETE: He's very sharp, I'd say. RITA-ANNE: You stupid boy. (The back of the lorry is opened and a PRESIDENT: I tried your drink. be ready to take us home in, oo, twenty four hours? It's got to come from our universe. Got sent round today. Bullets won't stop them. ROSE: Why no emotions? 1963, Present. The Preacher's van is hidden in the shadows. There's this Cybus Network. Do you know what you need? Doctor Who Transcript. Electromatics. ROSE: February the first, mum's birthday. We have a new destination. This is truer of cybercrime than of perhaps any other crime area. God, she used to slap him! Don't play games with me. Her phone bleeps and she takes it out of her pocket. LUMIC: Skin of metal and a body that will never age or die. You're talking to London's Most Wanted, but target Alia Stanton. My official biography says I was born on the RICKY: Yeah. I guess I'm just kind of useless. He answers (via the earpieces) and Jackie picks up Rose and carries her upstairs. Companion(s): Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith . But there're all these rumours, and... and whispers. MICKEY: Mickey. PETE: It's still too late. Happy birthday. yet we allow it to die. Pete sighs and heads off. Everyone said they were useless. She has a message THE DOCTOR (deliriously happy): It's alive! ROSE (laughing): I thought I was gonna get frazzled! We found subtitles for the program Rise of the Cybermen. He can't put his finger on it. Help! Pete's phone rings. ROSE: Psychic paper. KENDRICK: Well then, I'm sorry, sir, but it's my duty. When did you last starve? (approaches the Cyberman). I don't think so. We will find you. MR CRANE (CONT'D) (wincing): Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. PETE: Mister Lumic! Not ever. No offence, sweetheart, but who the hell are you? This place is only parallel. They're taking you away. I beg your attention. She loads it as Mickey looks on. MR CRANE (CONT'D): Pork... chicken... and hot, sweet tea. They march forward and through a door which is held open by a staff-member. Only me. The results are shown on the laptop Mrs Moore is using. Rose watches Jackie laughing with the President. I'm right, aren't I? MICKEY: We could go outside and lash it up to the National Grid. The episode also reveals more to Micky's little-known past. Course I did, just testing. MICKEY: She's all right. And I'm here to tell you, John, the answer is no. We have a new destination. JAKE: He's clean. Delete. sheeting.) MICKEY: So, that gives us twenty-four hours on a parallel world? the same. I suppose a remark about The zeppelins are chugging softly in the sky and she looks up at them. DRIVER: Sir. blank. ROSE: But he's my dad and RICKY: What the hell are they? [Street] (It is a well attended cortege, with quite a solemn crowd following the four black horses pulling the hearse.) According to Lucy, that man over there Pete Tyler.) The ear-pods retract back into themselves and Jackie unfreezes. Diamond studded. I envy it. scanned.) I shall have to That is not your Pete. He holds the flowers out to her. "Trust me on this". It's just, well, it's I dunno - traffic lights are blue, Tony Blair never got elected... She gazing at a poster right front of them. That is a Pete. It's working! They went round Black Friars gathering up the homeless like a child-catcher. For all we know, he's got his own Jackie, his own Rose. Nothing out there to tempt me? THE DOCTOR (enthusiastically): And that weird munchkin lady with the big eyes? No choice, is there? MRS MOORE: The vans were hired out to a company called International Electromatics. They come closer with an ominous "boom, boom, boom, boom". old lady. PETE: Course I will, course I will. And into 21st century London. grabbed and killed.) LUMIC [on phone]: We're all flesh and blood, but the brain is what It's easy. I was still in school. We need to get out of here as fast as we can. PRESIDENT: I'm aware of that. (Servants are bustling about. LUMIC: Promised a decision. All emotions removed. (Panic stations. studded. PRESIDENT (CONT'D): My government does not give you permission. gets brighter.) eyes? Top of the list. console.) Home media Easy. Mr Tyler, I'll see you tonight. Rose? You won't make it back to the TARDIS alive. We volunteer for the upgrade program. He was always planning these daft little schemes, health-food drinks and stuff. He leaves. long story, you had to be there. MOORE + JAKE: Cybus Industries! LUMIC: Voice print access, John Lumic. THE DOCTOR (sternly): Don't look at it, Rose. LUMIC (CONT'D): Thank you, Mrs Tyler. MICKEY: Oh, so it's just Rose, then? His dad hung around for a while, Start her up. kind. Goodnight, sir. This time, the Cybermen got a reboot, being a product of our world, not the planet Mondas as was originally envisioned. The woman has a white stick, and a pair of ear pods.) PETE: That's not the word I would've used, no. (Crane is in the passenger seat of an articulated JACKIE: Birthday present from Mister Lumic. The story featured the first televised appearance of a parallel Earth that would recur through series 2 and 4, along with said universe's Cybermen. They quickly change direction and run around the side of the house. Feast yourself. bed, she always stays up just to have that last cup of tea. Sir Doctor, Dame Rose. The way she looked at you! (He stares at Mickey, brow furrowed). We hear the sound of heavy feet marching. The blades swoop down on them. He activates the earpiece.) PRESIDENT (CONT'D): I don't need the pitch. Used to work at the key cutters in Cliffton's Parade. Rose stands and lets go of Pete's hand. My official biography says I was born on the same day as Cuba Gooding Junior, and that makes me thirty-nine, thank you very much. The episode introduces a terrestrial reinvention of the Cybermen, as well as a parallel universe which would serve as a recurring plot element in the series. – the moment the Cybermen realise they are second-rate Daleks. He's still just a businessman. ROSE: I can manage a glass of champagne or a nice cup of tea? THE DOCTOR: Well, given Pete Tyler's guest list, I wouldn't mind a look. (More Cybermen cut them off. He's not married to Jackie, What happened? Do you remember? your faces with pasties and I had enough of this back home. festival. Fill Then, we cannot see what is happening but yells and shouts start to emit from the lorry and Morris struggles to get out but is pushed roughly back inside by Mr Crane's cronies. DOCTOR: Cybermen. DOCTOR: This is not your world. Our greatest step into cyberspace. DOCTOR: Sorry. Two armed figures come running across the Go on, get in the cab. The Doctor and Mickey follow. He blows gently on the power cell and it glows brightly. You're staff! Christmas has come early, so come and get it. MRS MOORE: The vans are back. DOCTOR: They've got visitors. Follow. I'm okay. MR CRANE: Just about in the road, sir. The guests are surrounded. All those temptations calling out. ROSE: Oh my God, look at you. Rose stops walking backwards, turns and leaves. Cybus Industries have pulled up my company, so I'm part of the firm now. MICKEY: First of February this year not exactly far flung, is it? UK DVD original release front cover. Lumic's voice narrates. Bear in mind the brain has been It's all working. JACKIE: Now, I'm not giving a speech. There's this... Cybus Network, it finds your phone. Duration: 02:56 How to land a TARDIS! We need Geneva's approval. crashing the party would be appropriate at this point. You can only chase Initiate ear pod override. RITA ANNE: It's been days and days! Because I promise you, this ends tonight. You can trust me on It's just, they've got each other. Rose's eyes start to wander back to the poster, but she tries to stop herself. And elevated them. MICKEY: Yeah. We will find you. The Doctor is still inside watching the presentation on the laptop. Curfew doesn't start 'til ten. All the light in the TARDIS has gone out and it is very dark. what they're all getting? contact your family because it puts them in danger. It depicts her father, Pete Tyler, a successful businessman, holding a bottle of Vitex. Doctor Who - S 2 E 5 - Rise of the Cybermen (1) Max Hoydadia. Do you know me? Jackie stands and goes back inside, leaving Rose alone on the bench, upset. PRESIDENT: You made money by selling a health food drink to a sick It stars David Tennant as the Doctor, Billie Piper as Rose Tyler and Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith. JACKIE (snobbishly): I've got hand-sculpted arrangements by Veronica of Reykjavik, and your secretary stopped off at a garage? Ain't technology wonderful? I beg your attention. DOCTOR: Into what? ROSE: It's not too late. And then she opens Mickey nods and smiles, not really following. Mr Crane is sitting in the passenger's seat of a lorry. As long as we keep our heads down. looking at it. LUMIC: If the President of Great Britain can make MICKEY: But we don't have anything. Of course I am. Pete Tyler gets out of the driver's seat I think that's a light! The message on the screen says "welcome - free trial period". Robots? PRESIDENT: You're a fine businessman, John. THE DOCTOR: No, no, no! One man, Jake, remains half hidden behind some junk, looking anxious. Rise of the Cyberman, part two The Doctor, Rose, and the Hatter crouched down outside the home of the Tyler’s. 47:50. RITA-ANNE (from inside): Who's that there? Everyone around them chuckles, and then go on their merry way. As It's 2nd Week Of Cybermen Month and We Are Looking At Series 2 Cybermen Story "Rise Of The Cybermen". just get this thing to I'm just a spare part. My birthplace. LUMIC [OC]: Mister Crane, are we mobile? MICKEY: That carpet on the stairs, I told you to get it fixed. JACKIE: Yes, good girl! MICKEY: Did that hurt? Birthday present from Mr Lumic. 03/01/20 20:01. I taped them! 'These Cybermen don't seem to be attacking us, at least not in any conventional fashion. But I did a protocol search... turns out that's a dummy company established by guess who? THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): The last TARDIS in the universe... extinct. MOORE: The vans are back. Ricky glares at Mickey and circles him menacingly. LUMIC (voice-over): The most precious thing on this Earth is the human brain... Jackie is alone just outside on the porch. You can trust me on this. Jackie appears on the staircase, looking very rich and very discontented. Delete. Ain't technology wonderful? It's automatic, look. CAPTAIN [OC]: Yes, sir. Ricky said that. But listen to me, this experiment ends. Pete's are quite ordinary by comparison.) listen to me. RICKY: We? I was calibrating. PRESIDENT: Some people say they've bought my Government. Sign in. Rise of the Cybermen & The Age of Steel The Doctor seemed somewhat apologetic after his affair with Reinette, and eager to make her feel better. PETE [advert]: Trust me on this. The one who spoke then grabs the President by the neck and electrocutes him in the same way as Dr. Kendrick. JACKIE: Now, I'm not giving a speech, that's what my parties are famous for, no work, no politics, just a few good mates and plenty of black-market whisky. CYBERMAN: You are inferior. MR CRANE (to the homeless men): Gentlemen! That's it. Mum's got no one. MAN 2: I thought you liked them young. MICKEY: Oh, come on. Got sent round today. DOCTOR: Wrong sort of energy. Taken from the confidential episode "Finale" covering episode 13 of series 2, Doomsday. Gentlemen! ROSE (walking away): I'm sorry. The Doctor stops him.) John Lumic. (mockingly, thumbs up). Mickey, tell her. Set sail for Great Jackie turns back to Pete, cocking her head slightly so he can see earpieces she has fitted.

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