Are you going to start with rescheduling the people who were already on your books before you had to close? We have asked our team to verbally acknowledge one another and clients and not shake hands. The Grand Reopening Email Good for: Businesses that are slated to reopen in the next week or two. If a client is required to take a certain urgent action, make sure to specify exactly what he/she is supposed to do. Both salon owners said they have missed their clients and will be ready to reopen when they are given the go ahead. Don’t worry, if you’ve opted into my automated reminders, you’ll get a text or email [x hours or days] ahead of your appointment. A truly beautiful experience! If your business uses SMS marketing, stay in touch with your customers via text message to let them know about your reopening plans. Step #2 – Now select Create Email tab from the dashboard and select Custom Code Editor option. healthy is the most important thing. As of now, we plan to reopen our spa doors on Saturday, May 30th. Vitalia staff take part in recurring trainings and certifications to stay on the leading edge of education and experience. [Continue to add any other policies you want to include in the same format as above]. Close the letter by warmly inviting the recipient to respond or to take the necessary action. Crete argued that you don’t have to make it feel salesy — rather, come from a place of compassion and connection. Updating your Instagram is one easy way, so make an announcement on both your Stories and grid. I’ll be posting more updates there in the coming days. These will vary depending on your city and your business. Be brief and straightforward and avoid adding irrelevant details. Step #3 – Now copy and paste the code given in the zip file. Letter: Barber shops, hair salons needed–for owners and clients These single-operator businesses need the income and their clients would appreciate looking well-groomed again Because social distancing applies and my space is limited, I’ve carefully scheduled my days to space out my clients and make time for thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Tell them!]. I’m so sad that I’m not talking to you in-person right now, but I hope this email finds you well! Phone: 703-356-7546 When you email your clients about your reopening, make sure you include this info. P.S. Close the letter by warmly inviting the recipient to respond or to take the necessary action. Email me if you’re struggling financially, and we can work on a solution together! Sanitation Checklist for Reopening. Make sure you head to the Wella Salon Marketing hub , too, where you’ll find the latest posters, pricing booklets and window displays to download, so your salon stands out. This template is a great starting point. I’m hoping these new policies will help us do that safely and easily. All staff and clients will be required to wear masks. Getting the Word Out About Reopening Your Salon or Spa It’s time to let people know you’re reopening! !! Email:, Vitalia MedSpa © 2021 All Rights Reserved - Designed by CPC. We are proud of the wealth of experience our team provides as leaders in their fields. Email me, and I’ll take care of it. I know you’re right there with me when I say this: these are weird, hard, confusing times. Los Angeles]. I’ve also been hearing from a lot of you who want to know how things are going, how I’m doing, and when you’ll be able to book again. With purchase of between the eyes, crows feet or equivalent treatment of 40 units. I hope this helps clear up any questions you have! Keeping yourself (and us all!) In an abundance of caution, and in accordance with the Governor’s mandates, we have put in place a number of measures to keep both our team and clients safe during their appointments.Safety Precautions: If you haven’t already scheduled your next appointment, please give us a call. “We really miss them and we love them all,” Biggs said. All surfaces will be cleaned regularly with EPA-approved cleaning & disinfecting products. These updates will help [your business name] better adapt to the new requirements for businesses. Sign up for free today. One Midwestern salon owner shares his perspective and fears about reopening. You’ve probably heard the news that businesses are being allowed to gradually reopen over the next few weeks. Send me an email! They want to hear from you, their favorite service provider. During these trying times, we have felt so much love from our community. Ideally, you’d send this email out at least a week in advance. Dear Vitalia Clients, We thank you all for your support during the Covid-19 mandatory closure and isolation period. Good for: Any business! Dear Vitalia Clients,We thank you all for your support during the Covid-19 mandatory closure and isolation period. This unprecedented situation is ever-changing, and we need to stay flexible (when possible). That’s why I wanted to take a minute to tell you what I’m planning. parent) • Ask clients to wait outside/in vehicles and text or call clients when you’re ready for them When it comes to texting, your message should be no longer than 160 characters – so there isn’t room for any extra fluff. Every day, we clean our tools, stations, chairs, floors, doorknobs and so much more. I’ve spent these last few weeks figuring out the best process for cleaning, sanitizing, and booking. Your message should be positive and full of hope, but it’s also vital to calm fears by detailing the measures you’re taking to ensure everyone’s safety. To cancel or reschedule, please give me. Make sure your text communications clearly state your focus for reopening your business and keep your frequency and timing appropriate to your client’s expectations. In the weeks leading up to reopening, get the word out that your salon or freelance business is back. Hello from my corner of [your city, e.g. We cannot wait to see you all again! Be brief and straightforward and avoid adding irrelevant details. The government regulations state that everyone must, My no-show and cancellation policies still apply. You might even consider making a banner or pop-up on your site . Help yourself to the hand sanitizer! Once you’ve written a message you’re happy with, use Schedulicity’s email marketing tools to reach out to your client list. Let them know exactly how it’s going to work and what, if anything, they need to do to get on your radar.]. Reopening hairdressers: ‘We’ll do our bit and are going to ask clients to do theirs’ Salon owners say they have adapted and put measures in place to keep everyone safe Fri, Jun 19, 2020, 18:38 We’re a clean, safe place. This is especially important for me after making do over these last months on a reduced income. [This section is all yours to fill out however you like. Step #1 – Sign into your MailGet Bolt account. But … From supporting your front desk and stylists/estheticians/practitioners to communicating your new cleaning protocols amidst the coronavirus, we’ll break down what you can be doing now and over the coming weeks to prepare to reopen. To help the owners of salons, spas and barbershops prepare to open their businesses after closure due to COVID-19, Barbicide drafted this checklist of necessary sanitation products and the best practices sanitations practices for every area of your business. All staff and clients will have their temperature checked when they arrive. If you are feeling sick, please reschedule for the safety of others. Our highly trained and carefully selected staff puts customer satisfaction at the center of all we do. With that in mind, if there’s anything you feel I’ve overlooked below, let’s talk! Closing a business letter using good professional etiquette creates a huge impact on the recipient. This was another one of Crete’s recommendations from her webinar as a way of organically growing your following on other channels. We are eager to get back to doing what we love, and very excited to see all of you in person once again. Make sure you head to the Wella Salon Marketing hub , too, where you’ll find the latest posters, pricing booklets and window displays to download, so your salon stands out. I’m sure you’ll be there and I can’t wait to catch up, but in the event that you can’t make it, let me know in advance. [Insert your cancellation policy here.] Friday: 11am – 5pm We also ask that you remain patient with us while we do our best to meet the demand while adhering to the Governor’s safety protocols. We look forward to making you a part of the Vitalia family. The deals just keep getting better.. Now, when you, Do your eyes look tired even when you’re well re, Dr. Long and Esther Kang, NP recently performed a, Stress can cause unwanted wrinkles to form over ti, Follow Us on Instagram for Exclusive Offers. Hey there! Trust your gut! Here is what we know for certain: Hair keeps growing and our clients will need us. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been filling my downtime with all sorts of activities like [add some personal stories here. Thank you so much for your loyal patronage,Vitalia Medspa. Scheduling software and payment solutions for businesses to grow and thrive. Sunday: Closed, 7506 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 Here are just a few examples: I’m expecting that some of this process might change over the next few weeks and that we’ll likely have to adapt our booking policies and how we work more than once. We will not offer any beverages to clients at this time. ), be well! Once you’ve got your appointment scheduled, you’re likely wondering: What’s this going to look like? Owner reopening salon: Stylists, clients can't be 6 feet apart After Georgia Gov. Of existing and new clients, many salon owners choose to concentrate their efforts in the latter when it actually costs 10 times more to do so than to focus on retention. We are beyond grateful for your kind and encouraging words, product & gift card purchases and engagement with us on social media – we miss you all! Save and Start sending beautiful templates to your clients. Access Now. Updating your Instagram is one easy way, so make an announcement on both your Stories and grid. Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment. Subject line options: (Slowly) Reopening Our doors will open Here is a re-opening checklist for salons. Monday: Closed By Barbicide. 2. Bring this letter to [Name of Salon – Directions], right between the bank and the mall, and with any service you’ll receive [Your offer] a FREE beauty pack with shampoos, conditioners, beauty products and discount coupons PLUS a follicle assessment, all up valued at $97.50. Magazines have been removed from the spa. Good for: Businesses that are slated to reopen in the next week or two. "And it's not at a salon where maybe my clients are on the same page, but the person who sits next to me, his clients are in a totally different mind space about it.” Full reopening of Dane County businesses, activities up in the air If you aren’t already following me on Instagram [link], please do! The first Business Letters of the closing line should be capitalized and a comma is to be put immediately after it marking the end of the main part of the letter. To learn more about salon software, I recommend you read my review of the best salon software here which goes into depth on your different salon software options. Come visit us today and meet our team members. Here’s what I’m asking each client to do: [Add and answer some of the most common questions you’re getting from clients here. Client RelationshipsEmail MarketingSmall Business. COVID-19—Landlord Rent Reduction Letter—Salons and Spas COVID-19 Landlord Rent Assistance Letter—Cosmetology School Salon/Spa COVID-19 Crisis Petition Letter to the State of Massachusetts You can send this either after your reopening announcement email or combine the two templates into one long email. Craft an email to go out to your entire subscriber base and get the information they need directly to their inbox. If that your case, if you haven’t been dedicating any time to reminding lapsed clients about your business, you could see unprecedented results. In the weeks leading up to reopening, get the word out that your salon or freelance business is back. None of it is easy, but we’ll figure it out! Each team has been set up with hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and other products to … Please note that we will have modified hours of 12-6 pm, Tuesday – Saturday. One day we will re-open. These email templates are meant to help you reach out to your clients in empathetic, authentic ways during a difficult time. A positive outlook is a must. You’re all done now. So many people are waiting to get in for overdue appointments right now, so it’s more important than ever that you come in when you’re scheduled and on time. Once I have a better idea of timing, I’ll be in touch ASAP about what my booking process will look like and we’ll get you scheduled! Ideally, you’d send this email out at least a week in advance. And, on top of that, I’ve now got the process of reopening my doors after [weeks or months, depending on your city and personal situation] of not being able to book clients. I know we’re all juggling so many things — kids at home, remote work, unexpected job changes, grocery store lines [note: feel free to tweak this list however you see fit!]. The Salon Hygiene Guide states: “In these new and challenging times measures must be put in place to ensure the safety of salon teams, their clients and all those associated with the salon’s day to day business. If you have thoughts on what you’d like to see from me now or when I start taking appointments again, let me know by replying to this email. This ensures that I don’t fall behind and that we maintain that six feet of space! That said, I know that some of you have also been facing employment issues, and I’m here for you always. Until we see each other again (which is so soon! Spotlight the cleaning products you're using at your salon or spa on social media. . Clearly state the purpose of your letter. I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally get to see you again, but I also know that the process of reopening and supporting local businesses feels pretty confusing right now. Text message/SMS. Can’t wait to see you soon! Clearly political pressure would be applied to ensure a June 1 reopening, science … We ask that our clients respect all of these precautions and requirements, as we all have a part to play in keeping one another safe and healthy. Staff will be wearing gloves as well. From the minute you enter our facility, you will be welcomed by our gracious staff and transported to a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. Otherwise, a no-show fee of [x] will apply. Schedulicity, Scheduling has never been this simple. In fact, let me know if there’s anything I can do for you right now in general — I’d love to help you in any way I can during these strange and difficult times. As we all get back to work, I’m going to continue to give you the best possible service, and I will be charging for my work just like I did before the shutdown. Salon owners are also going to have Of course, if you wake up feeling sick, don’t worry about your appointment! Demings sent a letter to DeSantis Friday asking him to allow the reopening of barbershops and cosmetology salons when phase one of Florida’s reopening begins Monday. Brian Kemp announced certain nonessential businesses may reopen during the … The closing line should be placed on the same line as the date and followed by the signature and printed name of the sender. I am not offering discounts on my services. Bonus: We’ve also included a “P.S.” on this template that encourages clients to follow you on social media. Customer service. I’m so grateful for all the support and kind words. I’m excited to get back to work and to see each of my clients as soon as possible (after all this time between appointments, I know you’re ready for me!). Tuesday – Thursday: 11am – 7pm We will stagger appointment times to minimize the number of people in common areas and throughout the Medspa. But that’s not all it’s going to take. How hair salons are reopening "Salons used to be super jumping and busy and clients on top of clients; there will be a major shift." Re-opening checklist for salons. The goal here is to make it crystal clear how your process is going to work. During these trying times, we have felt so much love from our community. For now, I’m carefully planning how I’m going to set up my space and appointments to make sure you feel completely comfortable and safe when you come in! Perfecting your down dog or logging hours on YouTube watching balayage tutorials? I’m going to do everything I can to make this as easy as possible for you while also prioritizing your health and safety. Download our post-COVID-19 reboot kit to strategize for your grand reopening at your salon, spa, or wellness business. The good news is we know you’ve got that in spades. We pride ourselves in making you look and feel your very best! Clearly state the purpose of your letter. As you likely know, [insert the latest restrictions update from your local government, e.g. Clients like you helped me build this business, so I want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable at all times. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, Lauren Reyes is more than a little apprehensive about reopening her hair salon, located in an Atlanta shopping mall. Send A Clear Email To Clients: It’s important to send every client an email that clearly outlines your new scheduling policies, what they can expect when the salon reopens and new safety guidelines and requirements you will be implementing. • Ask clients to arrive as close to the start of their appointment as possible • Ask clients to attend appointments unaccompanied, unless accompaniment is necessary (i.e. A salon space is held to a very exacting standard in order to be in business. Are you going to ask clients to email you and request an appointment, or are you going to let them book online through Schedulicity? Reopening and keeping your salon business healthy right now requires grit, passion and determination. How to Gain Clients' Confidence When Reopening Your Salon Beauty Launchpad caught up with celebrity hairstylist Cristophe to hear how his Beverly Hills salon is tackling the reopening process, enforcing safety protocols and gaining client trust. Use it if you’re interested! That includes [your business’ name]. Georgia salon … Our staff includes professionally licensed and insured Nurses, Laser Specialists, and Master Aestheticians. Good for: Businesses that aren’t sure exactly when they’ll reopen but want to keep clients in the loop. Update on salon reopening: To all clients, please read ALL THREE SLIDES . During the Saturday roundtable, Demmings talked about the importance of getting small businesses like salons and barbershops back open in a safe manner. “we’re unsure when our government will allow us to reopen” or “salons and other businesses are tentatively slated to reopen on DATE”]. Have you been obsessively working on jigsaw puzzles? I’m shooting you this email because I’ve made some changes to my policies. Please plan on arriving no more than [x minutes] early and no more than [x minutes] late to your appointment. In a recent webinar, business consultant and esthetician, Lori Crete, recommended that businesses reach out to their client list once a week. You know your clients better than anyone, so you should communicate with them in a way that makes sense to you. And make sure to add your own personal stories, thoughts, and voice into your messaging. If a client is required to take a certain urgent action, make sure to specify exactly what he/she is supposed to do. Take back your days with Schedulicity. Saturday: 11am – 4pm The aim is to With each of these templates, take what you like and leave what you don’t.

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